Project management

During project inception, we will research all relevant institutional, infrastructure, technical, physical and socio-economic aspects to ensure end products that are not only socially acceptable, but also resource sensitive and sustainable in the long term.

Feasibility Studies

(KOA’s) aim within a feasibility study is to assess and analyse information relating to the study and providing the client with a holistic vision of the potential success of the proposed development.
We are, avid in this space & will ensure that a methodology that speaks to the maturity of our clientele is adopted.

We most certainly will adopt concepts which derived & provide best practises in delivery as solutions & will follow the generic process group of Planning, Initiating, Executing, Monitor and Controlling & Closing out phases to ALL our Projects to ensure continuity to delivery.

Our contribution to the creation of wealth through development reflects our commitment to the re-construction and development of South Africa. We provide advice to guide best development solutions on regional and local levels.

The following key principles further define our approach to project management:

  • The needs of our clients are of paramount importance. Our development advice and processes are focused on providing the best end-result to address such needs and expectations;
  • Technical and financial viability, as well as social acceptability form the cornerstones of our management approach;
  • Processes are identified, which will eliminate delays and/or costs down-stream in the development process. Such processes are strictly managed utilizing up to date, in- house technology and project management tools; and
  • We partake in development of which we are proud and subscribe to the principle of sustainable living and business environments.

Our involvement and responsibilities as project managers extend to the following spheres:

  • Project Management;
  • Facilitation Management;
  • Viability and Feasibility Studies; and
  • Financial Management
Project Packaging / Agile Concepts

Project packaging centres on the structuring of development solutions (process and end-result) to fulfil the needs of our clients. The expectations of the client matched with the identification of suitable land for specific purposes or via the strategic analysis of properties/opportunities to gauge optimal development solutions.

Proposals on the process, timeframes and financial implications are structured in line with the social-, financial- and environmental goals of the client.

Project packaging includes:

  • Analysis of current situations;
  • The identification of opportunities and trends;
  • The structuring of projects;
  • Facilitating effective partnerships;
  • Obtaining support from the relevant authorities; and
  • Identifying sources of funding and managing the processes required to secure such finance;

Project packaging is a proficiency in (KOA) which includes the compilation of development and management plans, business master plans for land development, land release strategies, strategic housing focus programmes, land incorporation issues, structure planning, settlement and re-development programmes, tenure upgrading programmes, viability analysis and development visions relating to the following development spheres:

  • Residential;
  • Commercial;
  • Recreational / sport;
  • Industrial;
  • Environmental; and
  • Legal / tenure.