Mining: Petroleum Product Services

Scope of Services and Products

Garnet Ogle of DG Petroleum a voracious pioneer in the industry and has travelled the world. He found his footing in the UAE (Saudi Arabia) where he developed the appetite for the Petrol and Gas Industry.

The Team belts the ability to network with various entities, to ensure premium service to our clientele.

Provide on turnkey solutions for our customers, as we understand that each client is unique therefore fitting an idiosyncratic service or solution.

To list some of the Services:

  • Site inspections
  • Surface Tank Installation and Maintenance
  • Transportation Logistic of the product from depot to customer ( Road, Rail & Pipeline)
  • Pricing regulated by the Department of Energy against specific grid pricing
  • Dust suppression (an imperative in the Mining Sector)

To list some of the Products:

  • Diesel(50ppm)
  • Diesel(500ppm)
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas(Gas (LPG)
  • Grease lubricants for the machinery (mining sector)